Exfeeling Therapy


Therapy starts with an orientation period of one to a few weeks where the client has plenty of time to learn the new activity of exfeeling. After that, the client comes to a session or group one or more times a month. Overall, the process of healing is a gradual one of giving up one nervotensive behaviour at a time and--via exfeeling--reclaiming a piece of normality from unconsciousness to take its place. This process starts off slow with some nervopains taking hours, days, or weeks to fully resolve, but as the client gains experience results can come fast with exfeeling episodes taking only a few minutes. With the laws of pain system, the client is at all times in control of their own progress and is generally aware of how much nervopain they have resolved and how much is still left to go.

The laws of pain system is so finely tuned that it is not necessary for clients to isolate themselves prior to or during the initial stages of treatment. Nor is there any specific requirement to completely give up drugs or certain obsessive behaviours. Instead, a unique approach is used to treat drug addictions and behavioural problems, which clients will learn about during the initial stages.


As a guide, the average length of time that people need for therapy is 1-2 years. After this time one becomes confident enough to continue exfeeling on one's own. There is a pay-as-you-go scheme which is the most affordable for people.

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