Ambi Art: a beautiful, unique ambidextrous drawing system

Ambi Art is a new ambidextrous drawing system developed from 1999 as an outgrowth of superpsychology.  It employs a variety of two-handed techniques that help people to more easily draw and recognise shapes.  Besides being natural and fun, it eliminates common obstacles to learning to draw, and quickly builds confidence.  A further bonus of Ambi Art is that what is learnt can, in turn, improve one-handed drawing ability.  Below are listed the relevant attributes of Ambi Art, and a link to a video of its performance.

The Advantages of Ambi Art

The following points describe the advantages of Ambi Art drawing (compared to one-handed drawing):

The Health Benefits of Ambi Art

The following points describe the health benefits of Ambi Art:
Therapy or inherent ambidexterity are not required to enjoy the benefits of Ambi Art.  All you need is the ability to hold a drawing implement in each hand and make marks.  Regular practice of Ambi Art may help to strengthen the fibre connections between the brain hemispheres in the young, and to stave off mental degeneration - like Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease - in the elderly.

An Ambi Art video on You Tube

Below is a link to an Ambi Art video posted on You Tube.  Note that Ambi Art drawings are traditionally performed with a different colour in each hand for demonstration purposes - to illustrate what each hand has drawn:

Ambi Art video

There is also a press release about Ambi Art:

The Development of a new Drawing Method Proves that Therapy can Rewire the Brain


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