Superpsychology Restores Natural Ambidexterity

After a number of years of using superpsychology to cleanse one's nervous system of nervopain something quite interesting happens: one begins to use more of the previously weaker side of the body in daily life. For example: a right-handed person will find that he/she begins to use more of the left hand for the normal tasks of day-to-day living; such as opening doors, or drinking from cups, or gesticulating, etc. This is occurring in exfeeling people because superpsychology heals chronic nervotension that is trapped in the brain--and usually in one hemisphere more than the other--which causes mental and creative blocks, and excessive left or right sidedness.

After the restoration of natural ambidexterity, it is then possible for the exfeeling person to exercise this newfound ability a little further. I have found it possible to perform some artistic and sporting activities using either the left or the right side of the body. I have found it more difficult to write and bat (in sport) using the previously weaker side. This side's abilities are of course lower in strength and accuracy as it is not possible for it to instantly catch up to the side that has been used since childhood.

The following diagram--looking from behind the person and showing the two brain hemispheres--illustrates why superpsychology increases ambidexterity:


What is happening here is that many years of unexpressed nervotrauma produces a buildup of nervotension in the brain hemispheres--illustrated by the zigzag lines--which causes mental and creative blocks, fears, phobias, hyped mental activity, or slow thinking. Generally, in Western countries most of this nervotension accumulates in the left hemisphere brain thereby causing a person to habitually use (or become "stuck" in) this hemisphere, and producing excessive right-sidedness in the daily activities of life, as in drawing, writing, and sport. A course of exfeeling gradually dissolves the nervotension that is trapped in the brain which makes the left hemisphere brain less dominant. This gives the person equal access to both hemispheres of the brain, and therefore the exfeeling person experiences a restoration of natural ambidexterity.

To my knowledge there has been no other therapy that has claimed to have restored ambidexterity. Superpsychology is not only healing psychoemotional suffering but it is also making a breakthrough in the clearing of chronic one-sided brain and body use in human beings, thereby producing mentally and physically whole and balanced people.

Heroes and Superheroes

It is interesting to note the cyclic history of heroes and superheroes in comics, TV shows, movies, and computer games. They not only possess special powers and skills, but are often depicted as ambidextrous (e.g., by using a weapon in each hand - a la The Lone Ranger and Lara Croft). Heroes and superheroes are symbols of human repression, in that they overrepresent the qualities that have been repressed in average humans. Such qualities are strength (many people suffer a sense of weakness via niggling health problems), honorable and straightforward nature (many people have personality traits that distort their nature and temperament), and ambidexterity (a skill that most average humans no longer possess).

Scientific Evidence supports Restored Ambidexterity

Left-handers may be better at Gaming

A research project - performed by Dr Nick Cherbuin (from the Australian National University) and colleagues - tested the speed of information transfer between the two brain hemispheres in 80 right-hander and 20 left-hander subjects. The subjects had to hit a button upon detecting a light flashed to the left or right side of a dot. Additionally, they had to match letters flashed to one side of a dot, or to either side of a dot. 

The researchers found that the left-hander (right-brained) subjects were better at matching letters flashed on either side of the dot (which requires both hemisphere processing), while the right-hander (left-brained) subjects were better at matching letters flashed to one side of the dot (which requires single hemisphere processing). The two brain hemispheres work and communicate better in left-handers due to faster and more efficient processing of information. Left-handers might, therefore, be better at complicated tasks involving lots of stimuli or speed of response (that require processing by both brain hemispheres), like talking while driving, flying a jet, or computer gaming. The left and right-handers' brains are wired differently, with the former's hemispheres being more symmetrical, with larger and possibly faster interhemisphere connections. The researchers also stated that left-handers compensate in a right-handed world by using their right hands more. 

Helen Carter, "Left-handers may be better at gaming", ABC News in Science, (online), Tuesday, 5 December 2006, (accessed 22 Dec 2006),

[Ed: Since superpsychology therapy brings the left side to the fore and the client uses their left side appendages more than they used to, this study supports superpsychology's assertion that the therapy is rewiring the brain and producing smoother-flowing - and probably faster - connections between the two hemispheres. Additionally, in a superpsychology world left-handers would no longer have to compensate by using their right hands more, since many right-handers would be using their left hands more. The world would be more balanced - both ambidextrously and ambilaterally.]


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