Two Ways of Living Life: Limited Feeling or Full Feeling

Below is a description of two ways of living life: limited feeling and full feeling.

A Limited Feeling World: Life as a Constant Search for Therapy

As we have seen, human history has primarily been about the search for the cure for suffering. And it is that never-ending search that has driven the unique development of the human species. Nervotension is so intimately interwoven with the need to live life that it is difficult to draw the line between living one's life in a normal way and living one's life by seeking to obtain qualities that seem to be "missing" in us. So in the limited feeling world people spend their lives subtly--but chronically--searching for a "therapy" to resolve their problems. This chronic search mostly takes place through the work that people do. The following examples illustrate this:


The limited feeling world has no substantially effective individual or social psychology that works to heal human suffering. This is why individuals chronically search for peace, or wellbeing, or meaning in life; it is also why society is dogged with afflictions like crime, drugs, wars, riots, and diseases and illnesses.

A Full Feeling World: Therapy as a Part of Living Life

Human beings are individuals in their own right, but are also social beings who contribute to the functioning of society. Because of this fact, there are two distinct aspects to a full feeling way of life: individual (exfeeling) and social (superexfeeling).

Individual Exfeeling

Individual exfeeling involves an environment where people are free to talk about and express their deepest feelings without fear of being laughed at, humiliated, gossiped about, or embarrassed. This is an environment that provides an extra, deeper healing dimension compared to everyday life in a limited feeling world.

Where a full feeling life is different from a limited feeling world is that it provides not only a safe environment, but a stable one as well--without internal splits and factions. It therefore supplies the necessary common sense and reality for healing to take place. In a full feeling world exfeeling people help each other take current problems back to the past for resolution. This dissolves niggling issues and allows people to move on to be more independent than they were before. Resolving nervotension also allows people to regain access to the whole brain so that there are no gross left or right brain behaviours. 

Social Superexfeeling

Not only are individuals burdened with personality and health problems, but human society as a whole suffers from social problems like wars, famines, strikes, riots, unemployment, crime, plagues, epidemics, and pandemics. These problems also can be traced back through history to reveal supertraumas which originated those present-day troubles. So in order to resolve present-day social problems society as a whole--just like the individual, and while still living life in the present--will need to go on a journey back through its psychoemotional history (not back through time) to reexperience and resolve previously unresolved supertraumas. (This cannot begin until some time in the future when the majority of the world's individuals have resolved their nervotension). This will have the effect of gradually closing social gaps: like the gap between the rich and the poor; the gap between religion and science; and the gap between the East and the West. Just as individual exfeeling has the effect of normalising an individual, so, too, superexfeeling will have the effect of normalising society--leading to the upper classes coming down to a more normal level of living life, while the lower classes will rise up to living a more normal life (the middle classes of society hold the most normal people). Superexfeeling will make human society whole and homogeneous. There will be less virulent diseases and illnesses; less epidemics and pandemics; less warfare, violence and crime; less corruption in the workplace; there will no longer be any separate schools of thought, separate religions, or separate political parties, etc. Overall, superbrain structures will dissipate and laws, rules, rituals and regulations--which serve to hold a supertensive society together--will gradually be dissolved. The human species will be free of superstructured behaviour; just as the individual eventually becomes free of nervotensive behaviour.


A full feeling world uses both an individual and a social psychology--which are also laws of nature themselves--to heal the full extent of human suffering. A full feeling world allows for the development of a whole and unified human society without splits or factions or a social divide.


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