One of the main difficulties with trying to explain the means of resolving human suffering is the terminology involved. For example, suffering has been discovered to be associated with neurosis, pain, and feeling, yet there are already strong connotations for these terms. It may be helpful, therefore, to use a new and distinctive terminology to separate old meanings from newer and deeper ones.

Most of the new terms have the prefix nervo - meaning nervous system; or super--meaning superorganism-related. The terms are as follows:

Nervopain (deeper than pain): that part of painful experiences that has been left unresolved and trapped back in time within the nervous system--because most humans do not fully express their hurtful feelings.
Superpain: the social eqivalent of the above. A painful experience that has occurred to a society of people and which is trapped in history.


Nervofeeling (deeper than feeling): a painful experience trapped in the past that, when expressed out of the nervous system, produces a healing reaction. Nervofeeling and nervopain are interchangeable terms.
Superfeeling: the social equivalent of the above. A social memory of a past socially traumatic event that resurfaces in society from time to time.


Nervotension (deeper than tension): hurtful or traumatic experiences in life (nervopains) that cause a long-term unresolved tension. Usually results in repetitive, obsessive, compulsive behaviours and some kind of drug dependency.
Supertension: the social equivalent of the above. The fast pace, high stress, and rules and rituals of life due to the cumulative affect of past social traumas.


Nervotrauma (deeper than trauma): an unresolved traumatic experience from the past. Same as nervopain or nervofeeling.
Supertrauma: the social equivalent of the above. A trauma that has occurred to a society of people and which is trapped in history.


Exfeeling (deeper than exorcism or catharsis): expressing old, painful nervofeelings out of a person's system that brings about a healing phenomenon. This term directly opposes religion's age-old term of exorcism. Everyone in society knows that an exorcism means to expel evil demons out of a person's system--but unfortunately it has never worked to any great degree. In contrast, exfeeling is the new effective means of expelling painful traumas out of a person's nervous system (instead of demons).
Superexfeeling: the social equivalent of the above. When a society of people relive and resolve a socially traumatic event from history.

Superstructured Entity: (deeper than superorganism): a living system characterised by an intense, interdependent, oversized social structure. Superstructuring can apply to any living system from the large to the small. The human species has been discovered to be a superstructured entity.


Neurosis: a nervous affliction. Not used in superpsychology due to the derogatory connotation it has attained; replaced by nervotension.

Superorganism: a large and intense social species. Used sparingly in superpsychology due to its common confinement to--and unfavourable connotation with--insect species; replaced by superstructured entity.


Homo sapiens sapiens or sometimes just Homo sapiens: means "intelligent human". The current human subspecies. Although technologically advanced and therefore seemingly "intelligent", H.s. sapiens are now noted for having been unable to resolve past painful experiences and so are a psychoemotionally (and genetically) retarded ape species. Due to their unresolved nervotension and supertension, H.s. sapiens have created a highly compartmentalised society of many splits and factions and has been driven by different forms of symbolism like religion, science, philosophy, politics, etc.

Homo sapiens sentients, or sometimes just Homo sentients: means "fully feeling human". The proposed new human subspecies (of the future) that is psychoemotionally intelligent and whole--both on an individual level and on a social level--due to their ability to resolve past painful experiences. Being able to resolve the fullest amount of nervopain, superpain and symbolism, it is unlikely that there would be any splits or factions within the H.s. sentient community.

Superpsychology: the psychology of superstructured behaviour according to the laws of pain. It is used to heal suffering, first in individuals, then later in society. Superpsychology was discovered at this time in history because the human species has reached the end of its superstructured growth.


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