Superpsychology is a term created by Raymond Lane in 1997, to signify the psychology of nervotensive behaviour in the individual and supertensive behaviour in society. Superpsychology follows laws of nature that have been researched for many years. As such it is a safe and effective practice, with restored natural ambidexterity being one of its most significant outcomes.

In contrast, the practise of superpsychology by people without appropriate knowledge and experience may be ineffective, only partially effective, or may even worsen existing psychoemotional conditions. The term "superpsychology" has since been used by some other people to refer to their businesses, practices, or pastimes, while some people have also experimented with ambidexterous pursuits. To maintain the integrity of its material, Superpsychology LOP is not associated with other businesses, practices, or websites unless specified on this site. It also cannot be held responsible for others who may use its information on their patients or followers.

Additional Note

Superpsychology is not the same thing as traditional psychology, and it is not practised by traditional psychologists.
Superpsychology LOP has no association with the Australian Society of Psychologists.


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