Why the laws of pain Formula is Twice as Effective as Other Therapeutic Systems

All therapeutic systems--including reexperiencing-based ones--use information about the individual to try to heal suffering. But they do not use social information concerning human evolution (based on trauma). So they are essentially half-systems. Superpsychology, on the other hand, uses both types of information. This means that it has twice as much knowledge about suffering (and healing) as other therapeutic systems, which makes its therapy twice as effective.

Additionally, due to the nature of the superstructuring phenomenon--that society is a giant replica of its individual constituents--the laws of pain can be used as an interconnected formula. But it does not end there. Numerous diseases and illnesses are in some way linked to the superstructuring phenomenon, so the laws of pain also provide a new explanatory dimension to how disease and illness works.

To be thoroughly effective, a therapeutic system that treats suffering needs to also be able to explain human evolution. Superpsychology is the one system to date that does so.


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